Interview with Mr. Darcy #WTFOW #writebravely

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite comfort books.  It never fails to give me a good laugh. I like all the characters in the book.  My favourite is, of course, Mr.  Darcy.  It was my ardent desire to know what goes inside that arrogant head of his,  which led me to this interview….

Interview with Author Radhika Swarup

Radhika Swarup is a full time writer and commentator on feminist and Indian issues. She lives in London, and her work has appeared in Indian broadsheets and British literary journals. Her debut novel Where the River Parts, which follows the lives of a couple caught up in the India-Pakistan Partition, was published in February 2016….

Getting familiar with Author : Olivier Lafont

He is a familiar face in movies and also in the ad world.  Who can forget Kareena’s fiance who accuses her of losing an expensive watch in the movie 3 Idiots?  Yeah,  he is the same.  He is also a fabulous writer.  Meet the author of ‘Warrior’ and ‘Sweet Revenge’ – Olivier Lafont. About the…

Getting Familiar with Author : Vikram Dhawan

Vikram Dhawan’s book Kashmir House,  which I had reviewed for Leadstart publishing,  agreed to answer some questions for our readers.  The book is a well-researched thriller.  Its different from the typical books we read from other Indian authors of late excluding the mythological ones, of course.   Here’s a man who wears many hats. About the author  Born…

Getting familiar with Author : N S Ravi

NS Ravi has recently published his book ‘Those were the Days’.  It is a non-fiction book.  I am currently reading it with a review coming up soon.  It is definitely a genre of book which I normally do not read.  But this year, I had resolved to read books out of my comfort zone.  Therefore,…