Satyameva Jayate by V T Rakesh #BookReview

Title: Satyameva Jayate
Author: Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh
Publisher: Self published
Genre: Espionage Thriller
Pages: 190
Source: Author

Satyameva Jayate is a fast-paced espionage thriller. In 190 pages, the author has packed a punch. On the one end, there is the rags to riches story of Jeremy Ferrao and at the other end is sophisticated sabotaging in defence deals. In the wake of Rafale allegations by opposition and counter allegations from the Government, this book highlights the highly manipulative news stories we listen to. But, the truth is always hidden in a multitude of layers.

This is the third book from Rakesh that I am reading. I did enjoy the first two too but with this book, Rakesh has nailed it. The language is smooth and funny at times. The story jumps from one place to another with action set across India and abroad – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Dubai, Turkey, Russia, Odisha with some Gujarat and Goa thrown in. The different parts of the story keeps moving at an equal pace. Since, the scenes are set in India, it is easier to resonate with the story.

The book also highlights the intense research done to bring to life the technicalities in this. The only issue to this being, sometimes there are too many details especially in the first half of the book. The book started slowly. What started off as petty office politics, quickly lead to cut throat corporate battles, corrupt defence officials, middlemen and mainstream politicians. The plot seems highly probable in the current Indian context. It holds a whole lot of suspense and whodunit, which is better to be read.

If you enjoy reading the likes of Fredrick Forsyth and Ken Follett’s spy stories, then this one is a must read.

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  1. Balaka says:

    Wow..your review makes it sound so interesting. I would try to grab this one.


  2. I do love a good spy story. Will definitely try and pick it up someday.

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  3. Sounds to be a great thriller with reference to corporate and political hobnobbing taking place in the past year. Fiction and dose of realism make good reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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