Fish out of water #DiaSameer #FridayReflections

Sameer peeped into the kitchen to see Dia holding a cabbage in her hand and staring outside the window.  He waited a bit longer to see what she was doing.  After some time,  seeing no action,  he entered the kitchen and hugged Dia from behind her.  She shrugged him off.

‘Please,  can’t you see I am trying to do something useful here,’ she said picking up the knife ready to attack the cabbage.

‘But you were just staring outside.  Do you know how to cut this?’

Dia looked down and shook her head with a tear ready to escape her eyes.

‘Come,  watch me do this’

‘But,  amma will see you in the kitchen,’  she protested.

‘But, amma also sees you working outside,’  he retorted.  ‘The heavens will not pour if I cut this cabbage.’

He took the cabbage,  sliced it expertly into two.  He put it on the chopping board and started making first vertical and then horizontal cuts.   It took him about 10 minutes to completely shred it into small bits.

‘There.  Now you can do the rest,’ Sameer said and gave her the chopped cabbage.

Dia hugged Sameer and thanked him for helping her when she was a fish out of water.

And Amma, who saw it all,  was proud of her son.

Dia and Sameer, a geek and non-geek couple.  These stories are short snippets on their approach to daily life.  This story is definitely inspired by a real life incident. Do you know people like them?  Do share the stories with me. ***  

The characters Dia and Sameer are fully imaginary.  Any likeness to people you know is purely coincidental.   The views are the characters’ own and light-hearted.  They are not endorsements.

Linking this short story to Friday Reflections.

This week’s prompt is ‘Fish out of water’. 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. sanchwrites says:

    A very sweet story and I loved the easy narration. The scene felt like it was being played out in front of my own eyes


    1. lataadmin says:

      Thanks Sanch. You just made my day with your lovely words.


  2. BellyBytes says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this lovely couple back to your blog!~ Love your simple tales so cutely put. Just home after a fishy meal at Gajalee and this fish out of water was a great read to wind up a delightful afternoon


    1. lataadmin says:

      Thanks Sunita. When I wrote this, I thought about you. I will be writing more Dia and Sameer stories. Keep visiting.


      1. BellyBytes says:

        Thanks Lata. These two really bring a smile to my face


  3. It’s such a beautiful love story filled with respect and eternal longing. Heart warming narration 🙂


    1. lataadmin says:

      Thank you Vishal.


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