Teaser Tuesday : 11-July

Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness has been getting mixed reviews.  And there are some reviews where the author is blasted,  but doesn’t look like the reviewer has read the book.  With the plethora of reviews giving all the details of the plot, characters, editing, fiction, non-fiction, anger,  nothing much is left to imagination.

I had read The God of Small Things (GOST) atleast a decade ago and I had forgotten how good Arundhati Roy, the writer is.  I was reading an excerpt of her story in the book ‘Where the Rain is Born’ and am amazed at her use of words.  She paints a vivid picture with her minimal words.  I think I should read this book again.  But here are a few lines for you to sample and decide on.  She writes so beautifully,  I have put in multiple lines.  It was difficult for me to choose the best lines.

“Downriver, a saltwater barrage had been built, in exchange for votes from the influential paddy-farmer lobby.  The barrage regulated the inflow of saltwater from the backwaters that opened into the Arabian sea.  So, now they had two harvests a year instead of one.  More rice, for the price of a river. ”

Another gem,

“So they went ahead and plugged their smelly paradise – ‘God’s own country‘ they called it in their brochures – because they knew, those clever Hotel People, that smelliness, like other people’s poverty,  was merely a matter of getting used to.  A question of discipline.  Of Rigour and Air-conditioning.  Nothing more.”

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  1. Shalzmojo says:

    I am one of those who just cant relate to her writing or the style of it!! You seem to have picked out a few beautiful phrases and there I will agree she does paint images – but overall I just dont like her writing or the stories she tells!!


    1. lataadmin says:

      Some do not like the author’s writings or opinions. I am also not much of a fan of her activist role. But, she gets the focus.


  2. I love her writing so much! I liked her new book too! Not as much as the first one, but even then. Liking her first book is kinda like a test for me – if someone claims they didn’t like it, I don’t take any book reccos from them. I know it’s kinda extreme and closed-minded of me, but come on, how can anyone not like it! ❤
    Didn't know her work features in Where The Rain Is Born – must get a copy now.


    1. lataadmin says:

      Where the Rain is Born has a snippet from GOST. But it has writing from many different authoRs and I am loving the book.


  3. I really liked her book, The God of Small Things, when I had read it years back. But I do know it has got mixed reactions from people. Your post reminds me to get back to the other book that I’ve yet to read.


  4. Rachna says:

    I never liked God of small things when I read it first. And perhaps because I don’t connect with the person, I can’t feel the motivation to read her.


  5. I was surprised to see some bloggers I know bashing The God of Small Things. I loved it. I’ve just bought The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and I’m looking forward to reading that.


  6. Ramya says:

    LAate, despite me not liking her book, I must give it to her for her descriptions. In fact i did make a mention of it in my reveiw too. Her metaphoric writing is something that can captivate any reader….


  7. Sulekha says:

    I have read her book, God of small things and felt it was an okay book. Have been reading reviews of her latest one and am tempted to get it. You are right, there shouldn’t be a spoiler in book or movie reviews, a big no no.


  8. Obsessivemom says:

    You do make the book sound interesting. I read it long back and all I remember is that I didn’t quite like it. Time for a re-read maybe.


  9. Zainab says:

    I haven’t read any of her books, but I think I should!


  10. Rajlakshmi says:

    I too had forgotten how beautifully she wrote. It’s been ages since I read god of small things. I was too young to comprehend all the sentences. The lines you shared is so well written.


  11. Balaka says:

    “God of Small Things” is a masterpiece. Many people do not like Arundhati Roy the activist and they unnecessarily try to malign her writing. She can paint wonderful pictures with words. I have not read her new book yet, but am sure she has done justice this time as well. Thanks for this beautiful post.


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