In the name of honour #MFtS

Where did they go?”

Who?” asked Rana.  He was sitting near the wall.

A man and a woman.  Their footprints point to this direction.”

I have been here all the time. I didn’t see anyone coming.”

The men grouped together to discuss.  They set out in four different directions in groups of 2 and 3.  One group crossed the wall.

The man who had asked earlier had stayed back. 

Why are you looking for them?”  Asked Rana.

The woman is my sister Alia.  The man has brainwashed her.  She has disgraced our family. Both will die.”

And, will that bring respect to your family?  ”

The man tried holding back his anger.  He then turned and went to search with the others.

After a long time, Rana said It is safe to come out.  You can slip out through that small door in the niche of the wall.”

This short story is for Mondays Finish the Story where a Photo prompt and the first line of the story is provided.  Read more stories for this prompt here.


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  1. Uday says:

    Very true take. And the bread and butter of many a Indian films I suppose!

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  2. ansumani says:

    It’s sad that sometimes the price to pay to stay within the safety of the family is to give up indivudual choices. Nicely told story.

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  3. Excellent story! I loved this. She saved them both from being killed.

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  4. babso2you says:

    Love the message in your story. Sad that folks believe that a death will restore honor. Thanks for another excellent contribution to the MFtS challenge and be well… ^..^

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  5. I am glad he didn’t find her.

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  6. shanayatales says:

    I liked your take on the prompt. Sad, but true reflection of some sections of our society.

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  7. draliman says:

    Great story, and good message about so-called “honour killings”. If only this were entirely fictitious.

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    1. Lata Sunil says:

      I really cannot fathom that why would a family kill its own. Or kill anybody for just being in love with someone. Thanks for visiting.

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  8. Vinitha says:

    If only this was just a story! Well written, Lata. 🙂

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    1. Lata Sunil says:

      But its the truth.. sometimes in our own backyard.

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